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Radio System Upgrade



Radio Project Update December 2013




Early Deployment of Subscriber Units




We have ordered some of the VHF pagers for Fire and EMS agencies. These will be programmed and deployed over the next few months. They are expected to arrive in early January, 2014.


On December 5th, the FCC issued a Narrowband Waiver Extension to December 31st, 2014. This should give us ample time to have the 800 MHz system up and running.


Region 24 has approved our frequency requests for the 800 MHz applications. They are being submitted to the frequency coordinator and then to the FCC for licensing.

Radio Project Update December 2013




Tower Site Selection/Construction





Towers have been constructed at NRF2, NRF3, NRF5, NRF6, NRF7, NRF8, NRF9, SRF1, SRF2, SRF3, SRF4, SRF5, SRF6, SRF8 and SRF9. Tower Construction has started at NRF10, and should be completed by early January.



We have signed a lease for SRF7, and Motorola has been given the authority to start the necessary paperwork for this site.



Ameren UE is continuing setting the permanent meters at the sites that have the shelters set.



Thus far we have 14 Radio Shelters set. Three more shelters are scheduled to be set between now and the 23rd of December.  We have also started installing the ice bridge from the shelter to the tower at numerous locations. Antenna installation has started at a number of the sites, and Motorola is mobilizing additional crews to expedite the process. Alcatel Lucent has begun the process of installing the Microwave Radios. As weather permits, they will install the Dish and Wave guide on the towers.



This week I am doing site inspections with Motorola and Pyramid. Each site will be inspected, and a punch list of items will created for any deficiencies we find.



The majority of the electrical and grounding upgrades at the municipalities have been completed. There will be some minor follow up work once the equipment is installed.




Radio Project Update December 2013




Fleet Mapping and Talk Groups





The building of the fleet map and talk groups is continuing. We are coordinating with the adjoining counties to provide Motorola with an initial fleet map plan by years end.



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